Website Wednesdays

From Around The Internet...

By the middle of the week, you may need a break! Check here for some websites that may keep you entertained for a little while!  

Take FREE Art Lessons Online HERE  Follow the links to the ones that interest you.  
See  Free Video Lessons to Paint with Oil or See Photography Lessons Online

She's the Cheapest person we know, and we love her for it! Check out Ms.Cheap's blog for free events, Community Yard Sales, and her Favorite Websites, including Tn. Estate Sales, and Printable Coupons! Like her on Facebook

If you want to get up and Boogie, you can watch the Royal Wedding Dance Spoof, and if you need some down-time, check out the Live Puppy-Cam! See this guy Sing his puppies to sleep. Amazing!

Facebook the President! Mr. Barack Obama is answering your questions about the economy, and streaming the answers, live, this afternoon. Submit your question and get details HERE!

Tips for everything you're doing around the house this time of year, from cooking to gardening, making your own accessories, or finding expert help. This site is one you'll want to bookmark and use all year!

Get Artsy! Sketch and paint online, save or print your pictures, or go play games for awhile. Do more advanced pictures at And see examples of great art at

Create something fantastic out of something forgotten. Having beautiful things doesn't mean you have to pay a fortune for them. Get tips and tricks from the How-To Gal!

LOLCats (or Laugh-Out-Loud Cats): Funny pictures of pets, made even funnier with crazy captions. Add your photo or your caption!

Upload any photo and add makeup, change haircolor and print or save it. Use it to show hairstylists what you want, or to touch up personal photos. is free! Read a Review