Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A navy ship helping in the search for the missing Malaysian jetliner has detected two more signals in addition to the two they heard Saturday. All the signals were within 17-miles of each other. Time is running out since the plane's black boxes only have a battery life of about a month.

They don't call it "snail mail" for nothing. A Brooklyn woman, Susan Heifetz, has received a birthday card that was sent by her mother in 1969. The letter was delivered to an old family address and the current resident tracked Susan down. She says it was especially moving since her parents passed away a decade ago. But the gifts from the past kept coming. Three days later she received a letter from an old boyfriend who was serving in Vietnam. Then, another birthday card from 1969, this one sent by her brother. Susan says it's a sign that her parents will always be with her and she may move to Las Vegas to be nearer to her brother.

How many times have you yelled at the TV, "I can write better slop than this"? Here's you cnace to prove it. Since most of NBC's recent comedies have been flops, they're turning to viewers for ideas. Regular folks can pitch their sitcom ideas through an NBC website and a comedy advisory panels will choose 10 finalists. Those picking include Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Seth Meyers, and Amy Poehler. Each finalist will produce a pilot presentation and the two selected as winners will be paid and have their shows broadcast.Here'sthe link to the contest:


Gov. Haslam is asking for a presidential disaster declaration for nine Tennessee counties after the nasty winter weather early last month. The counties include Cheatham, Dixon and Houston counties. Officials say the state, local governments and electrical utilities spent more than $12 million preparing and recovering from the storm's impact.

You can get your Jim Cantore fix-- the Weather Channel is back on the DirecTV lineup. Of course, the issue was money. One of the conditions of the new agreement forces the channel to ditch a chunk of the reality programs it had been running during the day and actually show-- the weather.

A new photo of the Martian surface taken by the Curiosity rover has UFO enthusiasts all worked up. The picture showing a tiny bright spot on the horizon has the easily-excitable declaring this as proof of intelligent life on the red planet. NASA, however, has a much duller explaination. Since the spot didn't show up in the rover's other camera, the agency things that a tiny bit of photo data just didn't make it back to Earth. But, that's not nearly as much fun.

The Tennessee Senate has approved a bill allowing the open carrying of firearms in the state without a permit as long as they are plainly visible. The bill would replace the current law requiring gun owners to go through a background check and training. A companion bill will go before the House budget subcommittee for consideration.

UConn beat Notre Dame last night 79-58 in the NCAA Women's Basketball championship game at the Bridgestone Arena. This gives the Huskies its fifth undefeated season and it's the second time UConn men's and women's team won championships in the same year.

Toyota has announced five recalls affecting a total of over 6 million vehicles globally. The recalls cover 27 Toyota models -- including Camry, Corolla, Matrix and Highlander . Some of the vehicles were made as early as 2004. Toyota plans to inspect and, if necessary, replace parts including seat rails, steering column brackets, engine starters, windshield wiper motors and air bag cables, the company said in a statement. The announcement affects around 2 million vehicles in North America.