Remember All the Moms in Your Life

by Anna Marie

Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, some people may find themselves getting a little depressed if they're not remembered as they feel they should be: no flowers, no phone calls, no cards, no DINNER!?

If that's YOU, please remember that because one you're longing to hear from doesn't remember the DAY, it doesn't mean they don't remember you. And it doesn't mean they don't love you.

Besides, when I find myself feeling neglected, it really means I'm in an selfish, self-centered mode and I'm not focusing enough on what I can do for OTHER people. You know that giving is more rewarding than receiving! So get ready to feel rewarded!

I promise you, if you reach out to some of the people I'm about to mention, you'll feel better by the end of the day than you imagined possible.

Mother’s Day is a good time to be thankful for ALL the nurturer-caregivers in our lives, and to send up a prayer for them.

Some of us are missing our Mothers this year, and may remember them with a trip to the cemetery.
But let’s not forget the woman who held our hand at the funeral, and stepped in to love us after we lost her.

1-in-5 women don’t have kids, but instead they find others to nurture. They’re often neglected on Mother’s Day because people they don’t have biological children who feel obligated to call. Let’s remember them this Mother’s Day by telling them we’re aware of how they bless the people in their lives.

Some mothers (like the birth mother of my co-worker Clint and his wife C.J.’s Baby, Johanna) had to make the call to step out of the picture, so their children could have better lives. That’s an honorable decision.

There are "Mister Moms" taking care of their kids without the help of spouses; and grandparents, aunts and uncles who are raising children they never expected to be responsible for.

Let’s remember the moms with sons and daughters at war, the moms who’ve lost their children to war, or those who have left their friends and family behind to serve our country.

Don’t forget to give a hug to the co-worker who’s there for you ALL the time, with support, encouragement and comfort food - or salad - depending on what you need.

And surely you know a Pet mommie. Someone whose babies have four feet and fur. You could send her an e-mail that says something like, "Dear Rosy, Your boys, Francisco and Mr. Woozley asked me to type a letter for them, since their paws keep hitting too many keys for it to come out legibly. They say you're the best dog mommie anyone could have..."

Basically, the thought of "Mother’s Love" is just the thought of pure, unconditional, never-ending commitment.

Sometimes we are loved like that by our mothers, but sometimes it comes from another source.

Who does that Mother-Love come from in your life? Remember to reach out to him or her, and let them know.

And if no one else tells you Happy Mother's Day this weekend, know that I am telling you, right now. I hope it's a wonderful day, full of blessings, and filled with opportunities for you to show how wonderful a person you really are.

Shine your light!!